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The gyms across the world are flooded with New Years Resolutioners (“Rezzies”) this week.  Most regulars at the gym roll their eyes when the subject comes up.  Yes, its inconvenient to have a crowded gym.  No, the Ressies dont know gym etiquette and can be a challenge.

Many regulars take it as a challenge to scare off as many Rezzies as possible by being hostile and intimidating, please dont do this.  This month is a great chance for you to give back to the community and help make fitness a part of these Rezzies lives as it has become part of yours.  You regulars are the mentors. I know its frustrating when people do curls in the squat rack.  If you want to do squats, explain to them in a nice way that you would like to work in and that this is the only spot in the gym available to do squats.   Be patient with Rezzies, remember that despite their macho exterior they are very fragile, and self-conscious.  A few kind words can help set someone on a path for lifelong fitness and health.

Remember, we were all beginners once.

The biggest challenge is to find a way to help the Rezzies without deflating their egos.  You have to be very careful about the way you offer advice because I have found that 95% of the time, guys take it as an insult if you offer them advice directly.  Often leading by example is the best way.  If the person next to you on the pulldown bar is thrashing like a swordfish who just swallowed a hook, start some small talk with them.  When you have a bit of rapport, ask them if they felt that in their lats or if they got a good lat pump.  Explain that it might be worth trying using less weight and using slow form because you get a better pump when doing it that way.  Find a way to suggest an alternative without telling them that what they were doing was wrong.  

With that out of the way, your Rezzie stories?