Man Girdle

insta-slim man girdle

I have to commend these people on truthful advertising. This is a legitimate product and they dont pretend its something its not. They call it “Insta-Slim” rather than what it is which is a girdle for a man … but then who would buy it if it were called that :) Of course, the modern name for this type of product is “compression clothing” which sounds much higher tech and expensive but its the same thing – a traditional girdle which is now available for men!

If you have started your weight loss program and want to accelerate your progress by a month if you have a night on the town, nothing wrong with using something like this under your shirt. Remember though, compression clothing is not a replacement for lowering your bodyfat! To get the performance benefits and health benefits of lower bodyfat, you need to have lower bodyfat. Of course there is the beach too ..