Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

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Thanksgiving Fitness Tips You can enjoy Thanksgiving without going overboard, here’s how!  With the bad weather of fall, many people are exercising less because they cant get outside and they eat more because of the holidays.  This bad combination of events leaves many 10-20 pounds… Read More »Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

Scorched Rotor Club

I have finally earned my rite of passage as an offroad cyclist, scorched brake rotors! My relatively high weight and the mountains of Patagonia were too much for these wimpy 160mm rotors. You can see how they are burnt on the spokes of the rotor… Read More »Scorched Rotor Club

Increase Your Vascularity

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There are five ways to increase your vascularity, two of them relatively straightforward and safe, one is not feasible, and two are very dangerous. Lower your bodyfat, down to 5% if you ate male or 15% if you are female. Lower fluid retention by cutting… Read More »Increase Your Vascularity

800km bike ride in Chile

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Day three of my bike trip. Doing about 80km a day, more offroad than on pavement and it seems roads here have two slopes, either 5 degrees up or 5 degrees down – nothing flat. After my 80km today, Im about as tired as when… Read More »800km bike ride in Chile


10/11/12 October 11th, 2012 What a great date!  Am I weird or do others think this is cool too?  If you are going to do something momentous, today is a great day to do it! Do something important today!    Sign up for a marathon.… Read More »10/11/12

Healthy Fast Food

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Healthy Fast Food You know fast food is bad for you but when you are driving home starved after a long workday, McDonalds is tempting.  Here is a quick, healthy, and cheap alternative. Head on home and make “Sa-Mush” (Salmon Mush) which tastes WAY better… Read More »Healthy Fast Food