Why I Hate The Superbowl

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I know it is un-American to admit this but I hate everything about the superbowl and what it says about our country. Obesity related diseases are killing off our citizens at a record breaking pace but people who ‘dont have time’ to workout somehow find… Read More »Why I Hate The Superbowl

Meet Scooby in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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DATE TIME MEETING CITY MEETING PLACE ACTIVITY Fri 5/2/2016 20:00-21:00 Siem Reap, Cambodia lobby of Shinta Mani hotel  chat in lobby     Meet Scooby In Siem Reap Cambodia

Meet Scooby in Bangkok today!

Wat Phrakaew at 11:00am or 360 Rooftop bar at 20:00! DATE TIME MEETING CITY MEETING PLACE ACTIVITY Fri 29/1/2016  11:00-12:00 Bangkok, Thailand Wat Phrakaew  tour temple Fri 29/1/2016  20:00-21:00 Bangkok, Thailand 360 Rooftop Bar chat on rooftop Sun31/1/2016 20:00- 21:00 Chantaburi, Thailand Tam’s Place chat in lobby Fri 5/2/2016… Read More »Meet Scooby in Bangkok today!

Cryotherapy for fat loss works!

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Cryotherapy for fat loss works.  I put myself into a borderline hypothermic state for about 5 hours on two consecutive days while consuming a caloric surplus of approximately 2000 calories and still lost fat.  I can also tell you that anyone who uses cryotherapy for fat… Read More »Cryotherapy for fat loss works!

Meet Scooby In Australia

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My tour of Europe was so amazing that I have decided to do the same thing in Australia! I want to meet all of you, hear your success stories, get your suggestions for new videos, and just shoot the breeze – no stress. Here is the preliminary… Read More »Meet Scooby In Australia