Meet Scooby In Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

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My tour of Europe was so amazing that I have decided to do the same thing on my biking trip this year! Every year I spend 2 weeks biking in asia and this year I am biking from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.  I want to meet all of you, hear your success stories, get your suggestions for new videos, and just shoot the breeze – no stress.

Please check facebook or here on scoobysworkshop 24 hours prior for last minute changes in the meetup plans!

Fri 29/1/2016  11:00-12:00 Bangkok, Thailand Wat Phrakaew  tour temple
Fri 29/1/2016  20:00-21:00 Bangkok, Thailand 360 Rooftop Bar chat on rooftop
Sun31/1/2016 20:30- 21:30 Chantaburi, Thailand Tam’s Place chat in lobby
Fri 5/2/2016 20:00-21:00 Siem Reap, Cambodia lobby of Shinta Mani hotel  chat in lobby
Mon 7/2/2016 19:30-20:30 Phnom Penh, Cambodia  lobby of Himawari hotel  chat in lobby
Tue 09/02/2016  20:30-21:30  Chau Doc, Vietnam  Victoria Chau Doc  chat in lobby
Thu 11/02/2016  20:30-21:30  Can Tho, Vietnam  Victoria Can Tho  chat in lobby

scooby in cambodiaScooby Bangkok Thailand

Scooby bike asia thailand cambodia


Meet Scooby In Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam