Getting even with YouTube trolls

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My video “Does Scooby Do Steroids” is an interesting one. Its one that my longtime subscribers do not care about and most of the views and comments are coming from haters who are convinced that anyone with a better physique than them OBVIOUSLY uses steroids. Anyway, it appears that another YouTube fitness trainer is sending the trolls so I decided to get even – I turned on the pre-roll ads, that means that in order to write a comment they now need to watch some lame, long ad … for which I get ad revenue. Sure, send all the trolls you want!  These trolls do not know my fitness philosophy and have no idea that I am an endurance athlete and do half Ironman triathlons and have been eating pseudo-vegetarian diet since before they were born.

Its funny, there is a time when comments like they are leaving would have disturbed me greatly as some of them are spitting venom, hateful and vile. I think what helped me get over it was when I realized that happy, well adjusted, successful people are NOT the ones leaving these comments. These are jealous, bitter, disappointed, desperately unhappy people or simply people who are so bored they can think of no better use of their time. In any case, these people need compassion and sympathy, not verbal duels and I try my best to remember that. I dont have time to save the world nor do I have time to duel with each person individually so I just ban them and move along.

I also know that despite the overwhelming number of haters on the rare video like this one that these folks are in the very small minority. I realize that I am STILL helping a lot of people with my no nonsense videos despite my much smaller audience. When I think I am truly not helping anyone anymore, I will stop.

Anyway, here is the post I left on the video that will boil the oil of the haters:

Trolls and haters, THANKS FOR THE AD REVENUE! Since someone seems to be sending lots of shortcut seeking trolls here who are not interested at all in health or fitness, I turned on the mandatory pre-roll advertisement. Subscribers, I apologize profusely as I know this is obnoxious and this is the only video I will do that on.



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