Why I Hate The Superbowl

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Why i hate the superbowl

I know it is un-American to admit this but I hate everything about the superbowl and what it says about our country. Obesity related diseases are killing off our citizens at a record breaking pace but people who ‘dont have time’ to workout somehow find the time for a 6 hour superbowl party.

Then the culinary aspect of the superbowl. Many of these obese folks who dont have time to workout and ‘cant afford’ to eat healthy somehow find hundreds of dollars to throw a superbowl party or to  buy tickets to the game.  What can be more American than beer, hot dogs, pizza, and cheese-food smothered nachos. Yum yum.

Football fans out there will tell me to “lighten up” because its just one day. No, its NOT just one day but rather a cancerous mindset.  A strong, healthy, ripped physique is not the result of  one big decision but rather the hundreds of tiny decisions we make every day. Gym after work or watch TV because we had a ‘bad day’?  Fast food for lunch or pack a lunch of grilled chicked and broccoli?  Take the stairs or the elevator?

<h2>What are YOU going to do on Superbow Sunday?</h2>