healthy low carb meal

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“Low carb” has gotten a really bad reputation.  Not because there is anything wrong with the low-carb nutritional philosophy but rather because of the horrible way that most people tend to implement it.    If you look at all the websites with foods recommended for… Read More »healthy low carb meal

Contest Prep – Week 6

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So, its been six weeks now and progress has stalled, its clear that its time for a new nutritional plan – good thing I am just finishing my new meal planner software so I can try it out.  I am really excited because it uses… Read More »Contest Prep – Week 6

Contest Prep – Week 5

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So its been five complete weeks since I have started cutting. I’m glad I started way early for my cut because it gave me leeway to make mistakes … like I did this week!  Before I got into all the mistakes I made, let me… Read More »Contest Prep – Week 5

Scooby’s Airplane Milestone

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People have been asking how Dotty is coming. Big milestone this week, I submitted the first round of paperwork to the FAA this week! So what does this mean?  Submitting the paperwork establishes a new record at the FAA indicating that a new aircraft exists.  So what… Read More »Scooby’s Airplane Milestone

Meal Planner Survey

You know I love my fitness tools! There are a LOT of meal planning apps and software out there but none is specifically targeted to bodybuilders, athletes, and those who workout hard with weights. Most of the meal planners are targeted to the general public,… Read More »Meal Planner Survey

Contest Prep – Week 4

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So its been four complete weeks since I have started cutting. Since I practice what I preach, I started early enough that I could do a slow, gradual cut and avoid losing muscle mass … and its paid off!!! I have also practice what I… Read More »Contest Prep – Week 4

Humorous Toyota Prius

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As you know, I am not a big fan of the Toyota Prius (read why) but this car had me laughing for weeks!  A great sense of humor goes a long way!  Some people get really frustrated being behind a Prius driver whose goal is… Read More »Humorous Toyota Prius