Scooby unplugged – 90 minutes with Scooby

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1:23 Scooby being Gay
9:20 Being rich advice
12:23 Bacon Wrapped Crust Pizza lol!
16:13 Why not answering in YouTube, FB etc
16:49 What are the goals of 2015?
17:07 Aeroplane updates
18:25 What is Scooby’s fitness goal?
21:55 Swimming
26:02 Are squat shoes worth it?lifting belts..etc
31:09 Spending on running shoes does it worth it?
34:29 Low carb
40:52 What is the best exercise for lower Abs?
43:13 Do you have any opinion on enjoylient
46:25 Best way not to indulge in social event without being awkward
50:05 Does consuming higher amount of protein when you are in calories deficit result in muscles loss?
54:40 Research, how much to eat, how many rep, rest…(Sharing)
1:03:53 whats your attitude towards current YouTube fitness industry?
1:09:12 Burma trip, Biking
1:11:41 How much protein per body weight should we eat?
1:14:41 Any plan on doing more live broadcast? with live workouts?
1:17:45 whats next? pool in facebook etc..
1:19:19 Time management
1:21:19 Is it Okay to workout sleep deprived?
1:24:19 When you are in the calories deficit are you limiting your strength?


A HUGE thanks to YouTube subscriber zCLUBz who time indexed the whole video!!!!


scooby unplugged