How Many Scoops Protein Should I Take?

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How Many Scoops Protein Should I Take?

Lets look at the TWO reasons that cause me to epic pillow scream each time this question is asked.  First, what the hell is a “scoop” and when did it become some international measurement unit??

How Many Scoops Protein?


The “scoop” provided in that tub of protein powder can contain anywhere between 10 grams protein and 50 grams protein.  Besides, it is IMPOSSIBLE to answer the “how many scoops” question without knowing all the details!

  • how much do you weigh?
  • how much weight lifting do you do?
  • what are all your other protein sources during the day?
  • what is your goal?
  • how many grams protein are in each of your “scoops”

An 80 pound schoolgirl isn’t going to need as many “scoops” as a 250 pound olympic lifter.

The second reason this “how many scoops protein should I take” question makes me go running for a pillow is that you don’t “take” protein – you EAT it.  Its a FOOD.  You don’t inject it, its not a suppository, its FOOD, just like any other.  Its like asking, “when do you take your chicken breast?”.  Protein powder is not some magical muscle builder, its simply a convenient replacement for real foods like chicken, beef, and fish.


EPIC PILLOW-SCREAM!!!!!!  Worse than a twinkie-diet pillow scream!

How many scoops protein?