Contest Prep, Week 3

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So far I have only taken photos in the bad lighting of my pool locker room. As we all know from my article on how to take a good selfie, the front lighting in that locker room is not really that flattering so I decided… Read More »Contest Prep, Week 3

Why low carb is unhealthy

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I am a lot more excited about low carb lifestyle than I used to be because of the experience of some really sharp individuals at Sweat4health and also my personal experience. I will be doing some articles on it but the graphic below pretty much… Read More »Why low carb is unhealthy

Most Overlooked Protein Source

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Most Overlooked Protein Source Many bodybuilders get so wound up about “taking” their protein shakes, “taking” their protein powders,  and “taking” their post workout shakes that they lose sight of the big picture – its just PROTEIN!  Just because it comes out of a big… Read More »Most Overlooked Protein Source

Contest Prep, week 2

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So I have been dieting 14 days so far and things are on track.  The LBM is staying basically constant (within measurement error) and the bodyfat is dropping.  Its too early to draw a line and calculate the fat loss rate yet, but I couldnt… Read More »Contest Prep, week 2

My Leonard Nimoy Tribute

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  There are very few people who have done more for science than Leonard Nimoy.  He probably has gotten more people interested in science than Albert Einstein, Bill Nye, and Apollo program combined.  I remember in 7th grade, I joined… Read More »My Leonard Nimoy Tribute

Contest prep, week 1

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Scooby’s Men’s Physique Contest Prep – week 1 (see week zero) So, the easy weight loss is done. I dropped 5 pounds in the first week of 20% caloric deficit and going from a high carb to a controlled carb diet  (see why weight loss… Read More »Contest prep, week 1