Contest Prep – Week 5

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Scooby week 5

So its been five complete weeks since I have started cutting. I’m glad I started way early for my cut because it gave me leeway to make mistakes … like I did this week!  Before I got into all the mistakes I made, let me reference all the other weeks progress reports: :

OK, you know how some people really get into video games and when they are playing them, they forget to eat and sleep because they get so involved?  Well, for me programming is like that.  I am VERY excited about the new meal planner software I have been working on and have been spending upwards of 12hrs a day on it for the last 10 days.  I knew that I needed to adjust my calories downward because I had lost 10 pounds but I kept holding off doing it waiting for my new, improved, software to be finished. Big mistake.  Re-adjust those calories every time you lose 5 pounds!!!

Scooby Week 5

Second big mistake.  After a month of cutting I was used to eating *very* clean and I knew what the portion sizes should look like.  Because I was so busy writing the software, I slacked off a bit and just eyeballed the portions and figured as long as I ate clean my eyeball would be close enough.  LOL!  I normally am *very* good at practicing what I preach but I failed big time here.  Had I watched my last video, I would have seen that one of the four biggest cutting mistakes is not to weigh everything you eat!  Bad Scooby, bad, bad Scooby.

Now look at the lean body mass. At first you might wonder why it appears to be all over the map and not in line like the other charts. The reason can be found on the vertical axis, there is only 5 pounds difference between the highest and lowest measurement.  This is just because the margin for error when measuring bodyfat is so high, what you are seeing is basically just random fluctuation.

So anyway, here I am, a week later and basically made zero progress, ok, maybe a tiny bit but not much.  No backsliding but certainly no forward progress.  Mistake noted and corrective action taken.  As of yesterday I am back to sticking 100% to my cutting meal plan and keeping precisely to the calories.  My daily calories also was lower to 2200 calories a day when it was 2400 calories a day before.  I am finding it very challenging to workout and do my endurance cardio at this lower caloric level.  I am eating five, 443 calorie meals now and I find if I eat one and immediately go on my 3hr training ride that its not sufficient calories.  What I have started doing is instituting my “calorie borrowing” plan where I can borrow calories from the next meal.  Usually not a problem because I am far more need of the calories before the ride or workout than after.  I can deal with smaller meals after 5pm without any problems.