Every day is leg day…

… At least when youve had shoulder surgery :) Here is my unusual 3 day repeating workout: day 1 – 40 min workout leg press 540x10reps 2min rest then repeat day 2 – 40 min workout hanstring curl 160lbsx10 reps calf raise 360×8. 2min rest… Read More »Every day is leg day…

Good snacks

I get asked ALL the time if a particular food is a good snack or not. Here I give you an ‘easy’ three step procedure to decide. If I only had a dollar for each time I got asked … Is peanut butter a good… Read More »Good snacks

Junk food

So I was shopping today for next weeks video – care to guess what the theme is? I felt so guilty buying this stuff. Everytime I would put something in my cart I would glance around first to make sure nobody was watching. I put… Read More »Junk food