"If it tastes good, spit it out!" Jack LaLanne 96th Birthday tribute

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Jack LaLanne is 96 years old on Sunday! Truly a pioneer in fitness and health at least 50 years ahead of his time. He was my very first exposure to fitness and a lasting influence. Two of Jack LaLanne’s quotes that I think are even more important today than when he said them in the 1960’s:

“If it tastes good, spit it out!”

“If man made it, don’t eat it!”

Those two simple statements are a brilliant encapsulation of what good nutrition is all about. Food technology has advanced to the point where artificial flavors can be engineered to be so tasty that YOU cant stop eating them! How many people do you know who can eat just one single cheddar flavored nacho chip and be satisfied? No wonder obesity is an epidemic, the deck has been stacked against you!
If trying to lose fat or gain muscle, every calorie counts! In this era of artificial flavors, hydrogenated coconut oil , salt and high fructose corn syrup things that taste good are really bad for you so … if it tastes good – spit it out!
Now of course healthy things can taste good too, im not saying to spit everything out other than dirt, old diapers, and tacks. What I am saying is – know what’s in your mouth! If you dont know exactly whats in your mouth then spit it out!
If it tastes good, you can keep chewing if …
  • it has no artificial flavors
  • it has no artificial sweetners
  • it has no simple carbs
  • it low in salt
  • it has only good fats
  • its low in fat
If trying to lose fat or gain muscle, every calorie counts! Now, you all know I am a nutritional Nazi. I say avoid these tasty, artificially flavored foods 100%, not even a single cheesy poof. The biggest problem is that the artificial flavors and sweetners are so intense that it dulls your taste buds so that natural foods become bland and unpalatable – it can take a month for your sense of taste to recover enough so you can taste how sweet a carrot or tomato is and how flavorful brown rice can be. Even one single cheesy poof a week can keep your taste buds from recovering. Moderation is not an option, these artificial flavors are *designed* to be addictive and we mortals dont stand a fighting chance against them. A rare few can exhibit self control and just have one chip, puff, cookie or donut a week and be satisfied but the rest of us dont stop till the bag is empty.
Happy 96th Birthday Jack LaLanne!

Now I now Jack LaLanne is a proper and polite gentleman and he would be appalled and even terrified that he was the inspiration for this disturbing display of horrendous table manners you will witness in this video. So if you are faint of heart, just read this text and skip the video :)