Product Review: Whey to Health organic protein powder

Finally an organic protein powder! I have been waiting decades for a product like this and when someone from my facebook fan page posted a link to “Whey to Health”, I immediately ordered it! Why was I so excited about an expensive, organic protein powder? I’ll tell you why. Because my diet has very little meat/chicken/fish I tend to rely upon whey for my primary protein source. The recent report from Consumer Reports Magazine, the most trusted consumer advocacy organization in the nation, found an alarming amount of toxic stuff in protein powders. Dairy and poultry products have the highest concentrations of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones of all food products in America. The advice to consumers has always been that if you are going to spend extra money on organic products, do it on dairy or poultry products. Until “Whey to Health” came out this summer, there was no way to get organic whey! There was organic milk, but my nutritional plan could never allow the carb and fat calories which come along with organic milk.

So enough of why I was so excited, now lets talk about the product itself. Before I gush about it, let me say that I have no association whatsoever with Source Naturals, the makers of “Whey to Health”.
In my view, this is the highest quality protein powder available, period. It is unflavored whey – just whey. No sweeteners, no flavors, no nothing except whey. Its not chocolate, its not vanilla – it tastes like whey so don’t expect it to taste like a candy bar. For those who have never tasted pure whey before, its very neutral – neither tasty nor gross. This neutral flavor makes it perfect for making your own inexpensive and healthy protein shakes! It takes on the flavors of what you mix in with it. If you want a chocolate shake, add a spoon of pure cocoa powder to the above basic shake recipe. If you want a strawberry shake, add some strawberries to the basic protein shake. Personally, I would much rather add my own good natural flavors than suffer with the horrible artificial flavors found in most protein products. If you have ever tried an inexpensive strawberry or vanilla flavored protein powder, you know how horrible artificial flavors can be – that aftertaste is enough to cause me to make faces.
OK, now the two negatives – its high cost and mix-ability. Because this product is natural and isolated by filtration (this is good), it does not mix well with liquids – it globs up. This is not an issue if you make a shake but if you like mixing it in water and drinking it, be prepared for a less than tasty experience. It will not dissolve, period. The way I eat my whey is with my cereals. I eat a lot of oatmeal so what I do is cook the oatmeal then mix it in afterward. Its important to let the oatmeal cool to eating temperature before mixing in the protein because I worry that the boiling oatmeal will decrease the quality of the protein. I have no proof of this but in my view, why risk it? Dont cook with the protein powder or otherwise heat it up.
Even though this protein powder is really expensive when compared to others, its actually quite cheap when you consider that people often shell out $3 for those horrible pre-made protein shakes full of chemicals and toxins. By making your own protein shake with this organic protein powder from Source Naturals, not only is it cheaper but its the healthiest thing around!
If you would like to help support scoobysworkshop and my free website, videos and forum you can buy “Whey to Health” here and I will get a small percentage from Its currently $23.43 (plus shipping) from amazon on the above link and from my research that is the lowest price. If you find it cheaper anywhere else please let me know! Please look at the shipping costs too before deciding if its cheaper or not. This protein powder is very expensive and I want to find the absolute cheapest source for my readers – and myself! If somebody can find a cheaper place to buy this from, I will use that link.