my 9/13/2010 surgery

My upcoming shoulder surgery is not related to weight lifting. I feel this is important to point out because one point I repeat time and time again is that good form is essential for preventing injury. It would look mighty stupid if I got an… Read More »my 9/13/2010 surgery

Follow the Money

No surprise that Dr Jim Stoppani from Muscle and Fitness magazine attacked Consumers Reports magazine for its findings that many supplements are unsafe. Why do I say “no surprise”? Follow the Money! This is the second time in a week that Dr Jim Stoppani has… Read More »Follow the Money

Legs Legs Legs

Well with my upoer body out of commission awaiting my shoulder surgery on 9/13, its been really fun working out because I was forced to really mix things up. For lack of other options I have focused on legs the last 4 weeks and I… Read More »Legs Legs Legs