Flex-R-cise: Workout anywhere, anytime!

I always tell people when they are injured to keep exercising – to do what they can! Some injuries are easy to work around like a broken hand or a broken foot but others are not so easy to deal with. I am a firm believer that exercise helps you heal much faster, even when the exercise doesnt seem related at all to the injury. Having a healthy mind and body helps your body heal! When you are injured, dont just sit on the sofa and wait till it heals – you will get fat, lose muscle, get demoralized, and heal slowly! Do what you can! In my book, number one in importance to help you recover is getting cardiovascular exercise. If your leg is broken, use a hand bike. If your arm is broken use a stationary bicycle. Very few injuries are so bad that you cant find a way to do some form of cardio.

Many people whine and say there is nothing they could *possibly* do because their injury is *so* bad. Well, I cant lift or push with my arm – at all. I cant tie my shoes, put on my shirt, or scratch my head. I can still run and ride a stationary bike which I do an hour daily to get that important cardio. With Flex-R-cise, I can even workout! Flex-R-cise can slow the loss of muscle mass and strength when you can do nothing else just as electrostimulation can. This is a good place to point out that I am not a medical professional and if you are injured, you need to see a doctor!!! You think this is silly and that flexing couldn’t possibly be a legitimate form of exercise? Flexing can be brutal and leave you just as sore the next day as a weight workout! Ask any bodybuilder who has done a show how sore they were the next day.

Flex-R-cise is great when you are injured but its also appropriate for people who are so busy that they “dont have time to work out”. If your job at work or home is so demanding that you never have a single second free during the day, you can still get in shape using Flex-R-cise! Beginners can gain strength and muscle mass just by following this routine and you can do it anywhere, anytime. You can do it on the bus, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or waiting to pick up the kids. Please note that gains using Flex-R-cise are very limited when compared to what can be accomplished with traditional weight training but Flex-R-cise is infinitely better than nothing!

OK, I wont be around for awhile – heading off to get my shoulder surgery now. If you are an experienced bodybuilder, please help answer the questions of the beginners on youtube, the AskScooby forum and on facebook. And please, please, please be nice to each other while I am gone – make me proud!

Auf Wiedersehen!