New Years Fitness Resolutions

Get in the best shape of your life in 2012 and have fun doing it! New years is a great time to come up with some realistic fitness goals for the new year so 2012 will be your best year ever.

Here are two videos for you guys who want to get into shape but really dont know where to start, Fitness Resolutions, and lose weight and get in shape are two great videos to start with.

For women, please start by watching Alyssa’s inspirational transformation video and her womens beginning 30 minute whole body workout. .

You CAN get into the shape of your life in 2012 and you dont have to pay a penny to do it, all of the information you need is avsilable here for free.

The two pillars of any successful transformation program are daily cardio and good nutrition, and that does not mean DIET!

The key to accomplishing your fitness goals is to have specific and realistic goals. Most people failat their new years resolutions because their goals are unrealistic and they quickly lose motivation when its clear they wont achieve the rapid results they want. If your goal is to add muscle, its critical you read about bodybuilding expectations. If your goal is weight loss, please use my calorie calculator to discover how fast is resonable to lose weight.

Happy New Year!!!