Eggs and milk, miracle food for bodybuilders

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Eggs and milk are truly miracle foods.  They are the only “complete” proteins out there, even more complete than beef, chicken or fish. Why? Think about it.  These foods are designed to be the sole nutrient source for the first months of a newborn’s life.  If you were to feed a newborn child only beef instead of breast milk it would die of malnutrition.   There is a reason that the number one supplement product sold is dairy whey protein powder.  Its because its one of the highest quality and complete proteins available, even higher than chicken, fish and beef.

On the subject of eggs, let me first say that eating raw eggs is a very, very bad idea.  Please read about raw egg myths!

Whole eggs are good for you – in moderation.  2-3 eggs a week is very healthy thing.  Although the fat in eggs is not on the “good fats” list,  they have lots of vitamins and minerals.   If you are going to use eggs as a significant source of protein, you need to consider using egg whites instead of whole eggs.  You can buy pasteurized egg whites in the grocery store or you can separate the eggs at home.  Whole eggs (whites plus yokes) have a very high fat content (58% fat by calories) so they are not a good primary protein source for bodybuilders.  Why is this the case?  A 200lb bodybuider needs 200g of protein a day, if they used whole eggs for their protein source that would mean they would have to consume 2200 calories of eggs.  By the time they ate enough carbs to keep themselves from being hungry they would be way over their calorie budget.  Then we need to mention the health effects of consuming 11x the USRDA of saturated fat that this would cause.  Good fats are fats like nuts, olives, avocados and cold water fish – not eggs. Eat your whole eggs in moderation.

Again, eggs are great but if you want to use them as a primary protein source then use egg whites. They are 100% protein with no fat. For lots of great egg white recipes, please check out my quick healthy meals section.

Egg Nutritional Information

 Type calories protein (g) fat (g) percent fat
1 egg yoke 61 3 6 89%
1 egg white 16 4 0%
1 whole egg 77 7 6 58%