how low can sixpackshortcuts stoop?

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Sixpackshortcuts who figures prominently on my wall of shame, has copied the title of my most popular video, killer home chest workout, in an underhanded attempt to gain views. If you think this is slimy, please let him know by giving his video a thumbs down! . While you are at it, please give mine a thumbs up!!!

The funny thing is that his killer ‘home’ chest workout is done in the aerobics room at a gym and requires at least 14′ x 14′ of open space to do his circle pushups. Now I know he probably makes millions of dollars a month selling his eBook and his mansion probably has rooms huge enough to do this workout but he should realize that in the real world, people don’t have 14′ x 14′ empty spaces in their homes. Thats more than some peoples entire living space!

His transparent attempt to start making money off the home workout crowd, many of whom cant afford gym memberships, is dispicable in a season where GIVING is what people should be doing. Check out his website, its just an advertisement for his $97 eBook.

Funnier yet, he is paying over $1 per view to get people to watch his videos by advertising on YouTube, Google and elsewhere:

Sixpackshortcuts pays per click

Why does he have to PAY to get people to watch his videos?  Where does he get the money to pay hundreds of thousands per year in advertising costs?

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