Is Scooby Jewish?

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Time to clear something up from long ago. In the past, people on my YouTube video comments have asked if I am Jewish or if I am gay. I have always responded with: “I’m a gay African American Jew and if you can show me… Read More »Is Scooby Jewish?

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These days, everyone is an expert.  Thanks to for giving a great example of what I always say that you have to take the qualifications and the motivations of the person giving advice before knowing whether to give it weight or not.  Nowhere is… Read More »


Nobel prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi proves health benefits of intermittent fasting

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People who like intermittent fasting love cherry picking research.  The research of Yoshinori Ohsumi who won the nobel prize for his IF related research does not “prove” nor “show”, it indicates. Just because his research indicates that the stress of fasting has one positive effect… Read More »Nobel prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi proves health benefits of intermittent fasting


Obesity on Main Street, USA

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The food offerings at Disney World were a real eye opener as to why we have a health care crisis in America. Everything was highly processed, fiber-less, calorie dense foods with lots of simple carbs and bad fats. The only vegetables allowed on the park… Read More »Obesity on Main Street, USA

How to buy a bicycle

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Remember these important points: Buying more bike than you need is a waste of money. If you have never ridden before, dont buy a $5000 bicycle, buy a $500 mountain bike. If you just need to bike a mile to school every day, a cabon… Read More »How to buy a bicycle

Calling out VeganGains

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I am really tired of militant vegans making ridiculous stuff up. Nonsense about gorillas being more muscular than steroid using humans even though they eat plants. Nonsense like claiming that Roman gladiators were vegan. Nonsense like saying nuts are a great source of protein for… Read More »Calling out VeganGains