Last chance to meet Scooby! Hong Kong this weekend


This is going to be the last meet and greet so if you want to meet me get on Expedia and book that flight right now!  I am flying to Hong Kong for the weekend to workout at Pure Fitness Gym.  If you have not heard why this is the last meet and greet, its because I am retiring from my YouTube fitness channel.

My current plan is to workout from 2pm – 6pm at Pure Fitness on Saturday the 21st of December BUT, this might change.  If you want to meet me then please message me on WeChat so that I can notify you if the meeting time or place change – below is how you find me on WeChat.

On Sunday I will either go for a hike, see Bruce Lee again, or explore.  When my plans are firm I will notify anyone who contacts me on WeChat and let them know what I am doing.  I need to head to the airport around 7pm on Sunday so I have most of the day to tool around.

Why Hong Kong for my last meet and greet?  I have always had an affinity for Hong Kong.  My first visit was in the late 1980’s and I have been visiting every few years ever since then.  I love the energy.  I love the amazing civil engineering that allows such a dense population.  Most of all, I love the fact that even though its one of the most densely populated places on earth, with a 15 minute subway ride you can be hiking on mountain tops with spectacular views.

No there will not be any meet and greets in your home town, sorry.  This is it.  If you want to meet me, this is your second to last chance.  Last chance will be in Vienna from June 28 until July 11th and then biking for two weeks but since I will only be posting my whereabouts on THIS website and not to social media so most of you will not see it.

If you want to hang out with me, this is your chance.