Nobel prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi proves health benefits of intermittent fasting

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People who like intermittent fasting love cherry picking research.  The research of Yoshinori Ohsumi who won the nobel prize for his IF related research does not “prove” nor “show”, it indicates. Just because his research indicates that the stress of fasting has one positive effect (autophagy) does NOT mean that when you look at the overall health effects that it is advisable when you look at ALL health effects. This is precisely the trap that people fell into with alcohol – they clung to the few studies that showed positive effects when you put on your blinders and looked at one small aspect of health but when you take the blinders off, its WHOA! This shit is bad for you!

I stand by what I have always said in regard to intermittent fasting:

What you eat is 100x more important than when you eat it.

If you want to skip breakfast then skip breakfast – call it intermittent fasting if you want.  If you really are serious about your health then you will eat unprocessed or minimally processed foods including lots colorful vegetables, legumes, grains, and fruits like the free meal plans at recommend.

Intermittent Fasting

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