Is Scooby Jewish?

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Time to clear something up from long ago. In the past, people on my YouTube video comments have asked if I am Jewish or if I am gay. I have always responded with:

“I’m a gay African American Jew and if you can show me how any of those things relate to fitness I will gladly answer. Well, its only partially a joke because two out of the three are true”

Well, actually only one if certifiably true although I suppose that nearly everyone on the planet can claim ancestry from Africa if you go back far enough.

The real reason I said this was because people mericessly pick on Jews, gays, and all dark skinned people and blame them for all the countries problems. I correctly assumed that people would know the gay part was true but the Jew/African part would throw them. My thought and hope was that by making people wonder if I am Jewish or African American that they might be a little more tolerant of both groups since they liked me.

When I was a kid age 4 to 13, my best friend was Jewish and because of that exposure, I have always had a deep respect for the culture.