Goals change!

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No, I am not as lean as I was last year at this time but last year my goal was to do my first men’s physique contest.  Honestly I do not like how I look when my bodyfat is that low (5.5%).   The year before… Read More »Goals change!

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Dear Haters

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Dear Haters, Three points I would like to make to you.  I know that in the video I do, people will completely miss the points so here they are in written format: Learn from others!  Hate me all you want, I dont care.  I stopped… Read More »Dear Haters

Workout and Nutrition Strategies for Ramadan

Ramadan 2016 Fitness Tips

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The month of Ramadan begins Sunday June 5 and end Tuesday July 5. Those who think intermittent fasting is difficult clearly are not Muslim. Nutrition and exercise are problematic during Ramadan but is no reason that bodybuilders cannot continue to get stronger, leaner, and gain… Read More »Ramadan 2016 Fitness Tips

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Dating advice

This is advice aimed at guys although many of the concepts would apply to women as well. The concepts work for both straight and gay guys, doesnt matter.


Stockholm Pro Sensible Cycle Contest Results

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The final votes are in at the IFBB Stockholm Pro, Sensible Cycle division, its Jeff Seid as #1! Congratulations jef! Jeff Seid Robin Balogh Anton Antipov Nelson Rodriques Benyamin Jahromi Denis Gusev Francesco Montuori Read more about the IFBB Stockholm Pro bodybuilding contest.