Phil Heath 2016 Mister Olympia

Congratulations to Phil Heath, the winner of the 2016 Mister Olympia contest,  who was able to take the most steroids and growth hormone without dying onstage or having his intestines burst out of his bloated belly. Anyone who is “shocked” that I am lashing about against the Mister… Read More »Phil Heath 2016 Mister Olympia

lift 10 million pound challenge

10 Million Pound Challenge!

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People ask all the time about how they can stay motivated and I have an entire section devoted on this website to it. Motivation starts with having the proper goals but sometimes, thats not enough. There is a reason that group fitness classes work so… Read More »10 Million Pound Challenge!



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I cant say that I am excited about the upcoming summer Olympics™ in Rio, Brazil. Money and corruption has turned the Olympics™ into an embarrassing spectacle. Every IOC member should resign in shame for destroying the Olympics.  The Olympics™ is about maximizing TV revenue and maximizing… Read More »Olympics™


Thanks to my anon special friend!

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This absolutely made my day! A sweat4health member was lurking on fit and found this comic. It does my heart good to see that there is still some amazing talent and wit there!!! To anon whoever you are, thank you!!!!