2017 Motivation Month!

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Do you make resolutions every New Years only to break them a month later? Are you frustrated with your job, you relationship, your finances, or your LIFE? Is your life without a plan?  Without a purpose? Most people will answer yes to at least one of these.… Read More »2017 Motivation Month!


Is leangains a meme?

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Is leangains a meme? Millions have gained muscle and lost fat at the same time but that is different than “leangains” which is a snake-oil money maker. It depends on what you mean by “leangains”. Lets start with the Martin Berkhan and Kinobody style leangains,… Read More »Is leangains a meme?


Get rich opening a gym!

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Elliott Hulse has a lot of $197 eBooks he sells telling you how you can make six figure incomes opening gyms but I am going to tell you the secret for free! Get rich opening a gym! The way you get rich opening a gym is… Read More »Get rich opening a gym!