IFBB Stockholm Pro Steroids Competition

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IFBB stockholm pro mens physique

The Stockholm Pro is coming up in a few days and its time to showcase the new steroid use categories:

  • Men’s Bodybuilding: This competition is about who can take the most steroids and growth hormone without dying while onstage. The bigger and more freaky the better.
  • Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: This competition is about those who want to take a “classic” amount of steroids, that is, the amount of steriods that Arnold Schwarzenegger , Lou Ferrigno, Serge Nubret, Franco Columbo, Ed Corney, and Frank Zane took back when they were legal. The goal is to look like Frank Zane, not so big that the girlz think its gross.
  • Men’s Physique: This is the “sensible cycle” category where hot guys are paraded around as “natural beach bodies”. Although being unbelievably muscular is officially discouraged, the judges seem to choose bigger and bigger winners every year sending mixed messages to the contestants.

When I did my competition last year, I wrote about my view of the mens physique competitions … and things have gotten worse.

Take a look at the men who will be competing at the IFBB Stockholm Pro in Mens Physique. Remember, these are supposed to be naturally obtained physiques:

IFBB stockholm pro mens physique

In my humble opinion, probably fewer than one person in a half million could look like any of these guys without the aid of some illegal product. I have not met one of these people but it is quite possible they exist.

Competing are Jeff Seid, Anton Antipov, Robin Balogh, Benyamin Jahromi, Francesco Montuori, and Nelson Rodrigues among others. What peaked my interest in this contest was a photo of one of these guys I ran across on instagram today. Maybe this guy is natty, I dont know, but it certainly raised my eyebrow. What do you think? This photo was taken 3 days out from the competition (today)