Dear Haters

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Dear Haters,

Three points I would like to make to you.  I know that in the video I do, people will completely miss the points so here they are in written format:

  1. Learn from others!  Hate me all you want, I dont care.  I stopped caring what other people thought about me in February of 1988.  My self-esteem and sense of accomplishment are not affected by what you think of me.  YOU are the ones that need the most help and I will not give up on you.  Please consider this advice. When you become aware of someone who has accomplished something that you desperately want, do not immediately dismiss it as simply good luck or cheating – that is the easy way out and its not productive.  Consider the possibility that the person you envy might actually be onto something, even if its something you desperately want to deny.   Look at the person and see what you can LEARN from them.  Life is too short to figure everything out on your own, leverage what others have learned before you and keep an open mind.  Many fitness philosophies are nearly cult-like and thinking or disagreement is discouraged – be a rebel!
  2. Surround yourself with people who challenge your ideas, not people who agree with everything you think.  If you surround yourself with people who think just like you then you will never learn anything.  This advice isn’t just about fitness, its about life.  Try living in someone elses shoes for awhile.  Make friends with someone who you have absolutely nothing in common with.  Have friends two generations older and two generations younger.  Span all religions and cultures with your group of friends. Travel out of the country if you can afford it.
  3. Embrace being wrong.  So many people seem to think that admitting being wrong makes you weak or stupid when in fact the opposite is true.  The most intelligent people are the most willing to admit their mistakes, learn from them, and move on.  Those more limited latch onto concepts learned in the locker room and hold on to them as gospel till their dying days.   Take research with a grain of salt and remember that for every research finding, you can find one that ‘proves’ the exact opposite.  Use common sense.  For example, for decades we ‘knew’ that vaccinations caused autism only to find out later that the research was all fabricated by a doctor with a political agenda.  We also ‘knew’ that saturated fats caused heart attacks so we ran to potato chips, french fries, cookies, and cakes with disastrous consequences for global health.  Just remember, scientists can be dead wrong so you can be too.  I personally bought into the whole “lowfat is healthy” garbage and tried to keep my fats below 10%.  I admit I was wrong, very wrong.  Now if you make a meal plan at, I dont think you can make a meal plan that has less than 25% fat BUT its from healthy fats – both animal and plant based.