Ramadan 2016 Fitness Tips

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Workout and Nutrition Strategies for Ramadan

The month of Ramadan begins Sunday June 5 and end Tuesday July 5. Those who think intermittent fasting is difficult clearly are not Muslim. Nutrition and exercise are problematic during Ramadan but is no reason that bodybuilders cannot continue to get stronger, leaner, and gain muscle during this holy month. Timing is everything and here are some exercise and nutrition strategies you can use:

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During Ramadan, without fail, I have some Christian followers who always ask why I am showing religious favoritism by singling out Ramadan here. I am NOT. I want people of ALL faiths to be fit and healthy which is why I have made these articles:

There is a very good reason I have neglected the Jews here and there are no “Chanukah fitness tips”.  Its not because of any slight toward the Jewish faith, in fact, I have the highest respect for the  culture and the faith.  The reason there are no “Chanukah fitness tips” is that because Chanukah is neither gluttonous like Christmas, nor is it deprivation like Ramadan, so no tips are needed.

I would also like to warn people that any anti-Muslim comments will not be tolerated.  If you want to say hateful things about Muslims then do it in your own house, not mine.   Hating and fearing Muslims seems to be in fashion these days.  In my view, hating 1.6 billion people because of what one extremist, or a small group of extremists have done make no sense.  Following that logic we would hate all Catholics because Timothy McVeigh who killed 168 Americans in the Oklahoma City bombing was Catholic.  Even better reason to hate Catholics because of one of the most evil people of all time, Adolph Hitler, was a Catholic who killed over 6 million Jews.    Perhaps we need a national registry of Catholics to keep tabs on this dangerous group?  The actions or beliefs of one single person do not represent an entire religion.