Scoobys 10 Year Anniversary on YouTube!

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Im the first fitness person on YouTube to have my 10 year anniversary. I’ve a video every single week for 10 years straight, nearly 700 videos. I was the second fitness channel on YouTube and I have seen a lot of people come and go. Every year there is another sixpackshortcuts … until people figure out they are making promises they cant deliver and the next hot trainer gets the spotlight. Right now AthleneX and Kinobody have the spotlight but I can pretty much guarantee you that I will outlive their channels as well, why? Simple, because for them its a job and jobs get old. For me, its a passion – I do it for fun. I’m not going to rehash how my channel got started because I just covered that in this video last month:

I never waste my time with humor for humors sake because I am not a funny person and cant pull it off anyway. Every video I have ever done do has a fitness related point, even if its funny. This is a great point to thank my longtime loyal subscribers! Every video I have done has been because of questions you have asked in the comment sections of my videos. I am one of the few people who actually reads comments and answers them myself. Lets take a quick look at one of my very first videos. Believe it or not, this video has 40 million views:

The video quality is crappy, the audio track tinny and yet 40M views – why? Because people had never seen free fitness videos before. In 2006 the only way to see workouts was to buy a DVD or VHS tape of Richard Simmons. People were hungry for free information and I was happy to provide it. One interesting this video shows is something that I learned after about 10 years of wasting thousands of hours in gyms and that is the importance of supersets to increase volume to maximize gains – something I still find true to this day. More and more of my videos feature high volume and lots of supersets.