Amazing low carb meal for athletes

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Low carb itself is neither healthy or unhealthy, the devil is in the details – Velveeta is low carb and so is celery but one will embalm you and the other will make you healthy. Here is a tasty, low carb meal that is amazingly healthy and high in protein so its perfect for athletes. Its high in vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fiber so its got your bases covered. Most importantly though, it tastes great!


heat skillet with olive oil, soy sauce, and Sriracha


add 2 pounds cauliflower that has been microwaved for 14 minutes


After cooking cauliflower in oi/soy/sriracha till dry, add egg whites


Cook till dry and enjoy! Very filling and low in calories

Yes, there is soy sauce and soy sauce is a sodium bomb. If you do your research you will most likely come to the same conclusion that I have which is for most healthy people, sodium/salt is not a problem. What IS a problem is the junk foods that are normally high in sodium but its not the sodium thats the problem here, its the junk that its on.

About cooking with olive oil.  Yes, many of the healthy properties of olive oil are destroyed by heat, but its high heat.  As long as you stay well below the smoke point, as you should anyway, you will not lose any of the health benefits.  I have used my industrial IR thermometer to verify that during the cooking process, no part of the pan ever comes with 100F of the smoke point of olive oil when I cook on a medium-high flame.