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I cant say that I am excited about the upcoming summer Olympics™ in Rio, Brazil. Money and corruption has turned the Olympics™ into an embarrassing spectacle. Every IOC member should resign in shame for destroying the Olympics.  The Olympics™ is about maximizing TV revenue and maximizing bribes.

The olympics starts in a month and nobody seems to care or notice. I remember back in the 1970’s the buzz before the Olympics was incredible and every TV set in America was tuned to the Olympics for as many hours every day that could be spared. Now, people seem to care less. We get all the sports we want on demand via the interweb. The IOC scandals and poor management has made it so that first world countries no longer are even interested in bidding for the Olympics. People seem a lot more interested in the X-Games than the Olympics. Part of the problem for me is that they keep adding sports to the point where they are the butt of jokes. Instead of adding sports every olympics, they should remove ten until we are back to core sports that people care about and would watch.

I do not deny that the following sports are very difficult to master and beautiful to watch but do we really need hundreds of sporting events in the summer games? Can you visualize the Greeks doing these sports?

  • synchronized swimming
  • artistic gymnastics
  • rhythmic gymnastics
  • trampoline gymnastics
  • badminton
  • canoe slalom
  • canoe sprint
  • golf (new this year!)
  • sailing
  • table tennis

Olympic PED Usage

Then there is the issue of rampant PED usage. It appears that the USA will have two competitors who have been busted for PED usage in the past – how is that for cleaning up the USA Olympic team? New names for olympics?


I love the idea of actually admitting that policing morlity when millions of dollars is at stake is simply impossible and let drug companies sponsor athletes. We would FINALLY get some real research applicable to bodybuilders

Money and USA Olympic Hopefuls

Last night saw the most tragic and sad show that was supposed to be an inspirational look at our American Olympic hopefuls.  They focused on the families of these athletes but what stood out as depressing was the fact that in at least half the families, they were at or below the poverty line and counting on their childs gold medal and commercial endorsements to lift the entire family out of poverty.  How incredibly unfair and sad for a child to have to shoulder this burden.  Money, money, money.  Olympics = Money.