10 Million Pound Challenge!

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lift 10 million pound challenge

People ask all the time about how they can stay motivated and I have an entire section devoted on this website to it. Motivation starts with having the proper goals but sometimes, thats not enough. There is a reason that group fitness classes work so well, its because when others are depending on you and holding you accountable, that can be enough to get you out of bed when you would rather sleep in. Not everyone can join a $300/mo crossfit gym or spend $60/mo on a gym that has really good group classes but there is another option, online communities. Things like strava and myfitnesspal provide some community support but even better is what we have set up at sweat4health.

We have both lifting and cardio challenges that allow people to measure their success based upon the goals that they set for themselves but also, every workout helps the group work toward an incredible goal, like this one, the goal of lifting 10,000,000 pounds!

Lift 10 million pound challenge is really taking off! We are 7% of the way there already in just two months! Only squats, deadlifts and bench count toward the total.

This challenge is a great way to stay motivated and help the group achieve an amazing goal. Personally, I only contribute to the deadlifts and not bench or squats. Cool too is your lifts are automatically charted.