Gain 3/4 inch on your biceps in just one workout!

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Is this hilarious or what??? I did a live broadcast of my cardio workout biking up the mountain which had the title “Live cardio workout!” and YouTube flagged it “not suitable for most advertisers“. Clearly doing cardio does not make anyone money … so I changed the title to “Gain 3/4″ on your biceps in ONE workout” to please their advertisers.

Here is the video …

Daily cardio is the #1 most important thing you can do for your health.

If you have time to either lift weights or do cardio then DO THE CARDIO!  Yes, lifting weights helps make you healthy but only 1/10 the health benefit you derive from the same amount of cardio.   If its too hot/cold/humid for you to do cardio outside, consider getting a smart bike trainer because they can make indoor biking FUN!

High views <> important content

All the junk on YouTube and my video about the #1 most important thing that Americans need to do to improve their health gets flagged as “not suitable for advertisers”.  How crazy is that?  Perhaps I should go back to doing fake synthol videos or videos where my chest looks like a woman’s butt, advertisers seem to LOVE that!