Wien Abschiedsfeier, Donnerstag 19:00 Sign Bar

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I have had an amazing time in Vienna but its time to say goodbye and bike to Zurich. I plan to start biking as soon as I awaken on Friday morning.

I plan on getting a cocktail at the Sign Bar to celebrate my time in Wien, please stop by if you can! I will be there from 19:00 until 20:30.

The Sign
Liechtensteinstr. 104 – 106
1090 Vienna


I still have some logistics to work out, namely where to store my suitcase here in Wien, but I should have that all sorted out by 19:00 on Thursday!

Scooby drinks alcohol??

Yes! When its incorporated into my nutritional plan! I will be doing a video about this tomorrow as suggested by one of the people at the last meet and greet!