The ADHD Instagram era


This is the ADHD Instagram era where people get bored if a workout video is over 15s long. Video makers no pander to the attention deficit and simply give little information snippets. The problem is, success cannot come from disjointed snippets. In fact, often a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge.  What is most important in fitness is that you have a good complete workout plan.  Seeing a bunch of flashy bicep exercises simply leads beginners astray because what they need to be doing is a good full body workout with the big compound exercises – not 10,000 types of bicep curls.  Also simply seeing someone do a bicep curl is NOT sufficient to show them good form.  The problem is that although the person in the 15s Instagram clip used good form,  because it did not tell the viewer the important form pointers on what to do, and what not to do, they end up using horrible form while thinking they did it perfectly, just like the IFBB pro fitness star did.

Success in fitness, health, and life itself requires a integrated, well thought out plan.  You cant learn about health, fitness, and bodybuilding in 15 seconds.  Learning about proper nutrition requires either hundreds of hours of study or depending on a fitness meal planner like CustomMealPlanner.Com which not only provides you with good clean bodybuilding nutrition but teaches you about nutrition as well.

The smartphone is kryptonite

The smartphone is modern kryptonite – it sucks the productivity out of everyone and they are powerless to stop it.  Once there eyes gaze upon it, they are hopelessly stuck in its grasp. The deck is stacked against people these days.  Companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat literally spend hundreds of millions of dollars using thousands of high paid researchers to find ways to keep your eyes glued to your smart phone longer.  The longer you gaze at your phone, the more ads you see, the more money they make – thats what its all about.  The smart phone once was a device for productivity but now it is 99% an entertainment device.  If your eyes are on your phone, you are most likely not being productive.

How to be more productive

This one video could completely change peoples lives and get them high paying dream jobs or help them be the best pianist on the planet – but it wont. Sadly, 99% of YouTube folks will get bored quickly with this video and stop it because its not “one weird trick” nor is it “one easy secret” to success or a pill you can eat that turns you instantly into superman.  The way to fight the attraction of the smart phone is TIME MANAGEMENT.  When you get up every morning, you need to decide the top 5 most important things you need to accomplish this day and you need to do these before you look at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or do email.   “But but but, there might be something important!” you say and to that I ask what could possibly have come up in the last 15 minutes that is more important than what is on your top 5 list right now?  NOTHING!

Anyway, todays video is about the daily todo list: