Gym Pet Peeve of the day.

People who “reserve” scarce cardio equipment when they enter the gym by putting their towel or other personal otems on it then tgey leisurely go in the locker room and change into tgeir gym clothes. Folks, this is NOT cool. Today I saw this happen.… Read More »Gym Pet Peeve of the day.

Shoulder update

So its been 4 weeks since I had my shoulder surgery and I am cautiously optimistic. Just a recap of my issue, its inflammation from an unknown cause. The MRI indicated it was probably from bone spurs but upon inspection in the scope, the surgeon… Read More »Shoulder update

Music and Bodybuilding

Is music motivational or distracting? It can be either so be really careful! Music plays an incredibly important part in focus and it can make or break a workout. We have all seen this many times at the gym, the person who seems to be… Read More »Music and Bodybuilding

Every day is leg day…

… At least when youve had shoulder surgery :) Here is my unusual 3 day repeating workout: day 1 – 40 min workout leg press 540x10reps 2min rest then repeat day 2 – 40 min workout hanstring curl 160lbsx10 reps calf raise 360×8. 2min rest… Read More »Every day is leg day…