P90X Extreme Home Fitness Review

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is what I think of the P90X program. Before I answer, let me say once again that my whole fitness philosophy is that you don’t need to buy anything at all to build a great physique, its why I have spent over 4 years building my free fitness website and doing all my free workout videos. Losing weight and gaining muscle isn’t rocket science, its straightforward but requires a lot of work and dedication. On my website I show you how to do it for free at home. I don’t like seeing people waste money on lots of supplements, gadgets, books, and DVDs. Having said that …

“Anything that gets people excited about working out regularly is a very good thing and people get very, very excited about P90X.” – Scooby Werkstatt

The most important thing is that you work out regularly – not what program you use. I personally have not used P90X but I can tell you that many people get very excited and enthusiastic about it and its rapid results. P90x is easy to use because you never have to come up with your own program, it tells you exactly what to do day by day. Its simplicity is its big selling point and also its biggest disadvantage. P90X is a really good beginner workout program but to advance beyond this is going to require that you put away your DVD player and do some homework. Don’t expect to look like Arnold, or even me, using P90X.

P90X programs and their scoobyswork.shop free equivalents
Cost P90X Program Name Description My Free Equivalent
$140 P90X Extreme Home Fitness Basic beginner strength and fat loss program. beginner plan or my intermediate plan
$73 Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp Less strenuous version of the “Extreme Home Fitness” program, more like an aerobics class. walking, jogging, swimming or biking
$330 P90X Peak Results Package The “Extreme Home Fitness” program above plus supplements and some workout equipment. beginner plan or my intermediate plan
$70 P90X Plus – Workout DVD This is their advanced program. S61XL or my advanced plan

So, here’s what I would say. If you are the type who has no time or patience for designing your own fitness program and you just want quick results then you are better off buying the P90X program where you just pop in the DVD and follow along. On the other hand, if you are highly motivated and the type who enjoys learning and doing research to come up with an optimal training program to let you reach your goals, then use my free website.

If you do buy P90X, then please buy with the above links for 3 reasons:

    1. Its the same price as buying directly from the manufacturer after you pay their $20 shipping charge (amazon has free shipping).
    2. Amazon has the worlds best customer service and easiest to use return policy.
    3. By buying with the above links you help support my website, I get a small percentage of each sale. My website and videos are completely free so all people, no matter how poor, have the ability to build a healthy body and a great physique. Your support helps me continue my work.

If you do buy P90X, get the “Extreme Home Fitness” version rather than the “Boot Camp” or “Peak Results Package”. Book camp appears to be too lightweight and in the peak results package you are paying another $200 bucks for $40 worth of stuff you could pick up at Walmart.

Wanna talk results? Compare the success stories of people who have used my free website to the success stories of P90X and you will see that the results of my viewers are even better than P90X. Truth in advertising here though, one big reason that my success stories are more impressive is that they are over a longer time span than the P90X success stories. I encourage people to take a long-haul view of fitness rather than the quick-fix mentality that is so common these days because the long-haul vision promotes true lifelong fitness and health.

PS: As I mention, I have not purchased any of these programs. If you have purchased them and think my review is off-base, please let me know via my P90X blog post and I will correct any mistakes.