Facebook Physique Transformation Contest

Lose fat or gain muscle and win an autographed scoobysworkshop t-shirt in my Facebook Physique Transformation Contest! OK, I know its not much but the real prize here is that you get an amazing physique transformation completely free! Most transformation contests require that you buy some expensive book or subscription but my website and videos are completely free of charge and they tell you everything you need to know to gain muscle or lose fat! You too can be a scoobysworkshop success story! Wanna be inspired? Look at these amazing folks:

Past winners of muscle gain success stories!

Past winners of weight loss success stories!

People often write and say how helpful my website and videos were in completely transforming their bodies and lives and say they will donate when they can afford it. I always tell these folks the same thing – I would much rather have them tell me about their success story than donate! I love it when you share your success stories because it inspires others to follow your footsteps! Each success story inspires ten more people to succeed. There is nothing as inspirational for someone out of shape than seeing a ‘before’ picture that looks just like them, reading the bio and realizing that they too could be a success story without having to buy a single thing – just old fashioned hard work and sweat.

To Enter My Contest

1) Use scoobysworkshop‘s training advice and videos for a minimum of 6 months, preferably a year or longer.

2) Take shirtless before and after pictures taken 6 months to 2 years apart with similar poses, please include face in photos. (If you have lost more than 70lbs, you don’t need shirtless photos.)

3) Email your before and after pictures to [email protected](.)com with the subject line “Success Story!” and please include the following information:

your first name

your age

your city and country

when the before and after pictures were taken

your before and after weight

a paragraph about yourself and your training. You can talk about strength changes, size changes, performance changes, changes in mood, changes in energy, changes in life outlook, your workout routine, your nutrition, your health, what worked well for you, or what didn’t work well for you, obstacles overcome, how you found the time to workout, the support you did or didn’t get from friends/family, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t write English well!

Submitted entries become the property of scoobyswork.shop llc

Workout hard this winter and show us what you’ve accomplished in the spring! On 5/1/2011 I will select winners from among all the entrants and post them on 6/1/2011.