Shoulder update

So its been 4 weeks since I had my shoulder surgery and I am cautiously optimistic. Just a recap of my issue, its inflammation from an unknown cause. The MRI indicated it was probably from bone spurs but upon inspection in the scope, the surgeon determined that mechanically my shoulder was in perfect condition – except for the massive inflammation. So the surgeon just took a few photos and got out without doing anything which is why my recovery is relatively quick. Blood tests were done and there is no indication of arthritis but apparently that does not mean that I dont have it because the tests arent perfect and only indicate presence of arthritis in 60-70% of the cases.

So, where am I? $3,000 poorer and my left shoulder is massively inflamed and we have no idea why. I’m on a medication that *might* help and its wait and see. In light of my inflammation problem, the best course of action is continued icing and taking it easy – in other words, not working out :( I started innies and outties 5 days ago but dont dare start any raises yet because those might make the inflammation worse. I kinda have one shot at healing this shoulder so I need to be very careful.
This is actually the most dangerous period of recuperation. My shoulder *feels* fine again in daily use. The medications have reduced inflammation enough that I can get a glass from the top shelf in the cabinet again and do other daily tasks. Since my shoulder *feels* fine, the temptation is very strong to start lifting again. Its been two months since I have been able to do an upper body workout which is the longest I have had to skip upper body in 29 years of lifting. Its easy to fall into the mental trap of feeling like my hard earned physique is “shriveling away to nothing” and that I *must* start working out again. I’m not tempted at all though, I’ve been around this block too many times. I know that unless the inflammation is knocked out completely it will come back in a flash and I will be right back where I started – unable to even lift my hand to drink water. I also know that whatever muscle mass I lose will come back relatively quickly, say within 6 months.
This week I have clearance from my physical therapist to start three very limited upper body exercises which I will do a video later titled “The lame shoulder workout” where I do a bicep, chest and lat workout that doesnt mess with the shoulder joint. So far, I’ve just been doing Flex-R-cise.