Gym Pet Peeve of the day.

People who “reserve” scarce cardio equipment when they enter the gym by putting their towel or other personal otems on it then tgey leisurely go in the locker room and change into tgeir gym clothes. Folks, this is NOT cool. Today I saw this happen. Guy walks in the door and puts towel on the last open treadmill machine and heads to locker room. Poor Erin who is too nice to cause a fuss walks up seconds after Mr X walks away and has to wait 10min to get a treadmill. She could have completed half her workout while the rude Mr X was changing into his gym clothes.

Folks, dont be an equipment hog – you never know who might see you. Mr X, be grateful I didnt post your muugshot. I might just do it if I see you again.

Gyms are a *shared* community facility. If your time is TOO VALUABLE to waste waiting your fair turn in line then buy your own equipment and work out at home!