My first run since the shoulder surgery!

I was SO excited yesterday, I got the stitches out! I was able to do many things that were forbidden since the surgery. I went on my first run, oh that was liberating! You can see that it was a beautiful day too, it felt good to drip sweat without having to worry about it causing infection in my sutures. I also was able to take my first real shower, oh how glorious to be able to stand under the shower head without having my shoulder wrapped in saran wrap, paranoid that a drop of water might get by.

The massive inflammation in my shoulder is slowly being knocked out by some high power drugs that I cant WAIT to get off of but I at least need to keep on them till things are under control. I working on my passive range of motion myself but dont dare start rehab physical therapy exercises until my first PT appointment next week. I’m still not sure how long it will be before I can start upper body workouts but for now, my immediate goal is much lower – I just want to be able to put a glass on the top shelf in the kitchen :)