Increase Your Vascularity

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There are five ways to increase your vascularity, two of them relatively straightforward and safe, one is not feasible, and two are very dangerous. Lower your bodyfat, down to 5% if you ate male or 15% if you are female. Lower fluid retention by cutting… Read More »Increase Your Vascularity

800km bike ride in Chile

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Day three of my bike trip. Doing about 80km a day, more offroad than on pavement and it seems roads here have two slopes, either 5 degrees up or 5 degrees down – nothing flat. After my 80km today, Im about as tired as when… Read More »800km bike ride in Chile


10/11/12 October 11th, 2012 What a great date!  Am I weird or do others think this is cool too?  If you are going to do something momentous, today is a great day to do it! Do something important today!    Sign up for a marathon.… Read More »10/11/12

Healthy Fast Food

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Healthy Fast Food You know fast food is bad for you but when you are driving home starved after a long workday, McDonalds is tempting.  Here is a quick, healthy, and cheap alternative. Head on home and make “Sa-Mush” (Salmon Mush) which tastes WAY better… Read More »Healthy Fast Food

Arsenic and Rice

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Arsenic and Rice Another health food has fallen from grace, this time its one no one suspected – rice.  In this article we look at what happened with rice, and what you can do to protect yourself against the next “rice”. Consumer Reports, the only… Read More »Arsenic and Rice