Zyzz and YOLO

Zyzz and YOLO Zyzz epitomized the YOLO attitude. If you dont know what either of those are, dont feel bad because I didnt either until two years ago. YOLO means You Only Live Once. Live for the moment, fast and furious, and dont worry about… Read More »Zyzz and YOLO

Steel Man Competition

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I’m proposing a new event, the “Steel Man Competition”. We have the Ironman triathlons which are purely endurance (biking, swimming, running). Then we have the powerlifting and crossfit competitions which are lifting based. Then we have the “Tough Mudders” which are cardio obstacle courses. What… Read More »Steel Man Competition

Cold Therapy For Strength

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Cold Therapy For Strength Some findings at Stanford University indicate that keeping cool might provide serious boosts to muscular endurance and strength.  Please not that this is not from research but some ad hoc testing done in the lab.  They found that one bodybuilder went… Read More »Cold Therapy For Strength

How to deal with bad workouts

How to deal with “bad workouts” Dealing with “bad workouts” is part of bodybuilding. Handle them wrong and you get demoralized and might lose interest in fitness altogether.  Handle them properly and every workout puts you one notch closer to your goal. First, why did… Read More »How to deal with bad workouts

Does Scooby Do Legs?

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Does Scooby Do Legs? If you are asking this question, what you probably mean to ask is: Does Scooby workout legs like I do? The answer is probably not!  Why?  I know I always come back to harping on bodybuilding goals but once again its… Read More »Does Scooby Do Legs?

Improve life for an entire village

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English Teacher Needed Want to help an entire village and make friends for life?  If you have some experience teaching English, consider volunteering to teach for three months in the village of Hassainabad in Gilgit-Baltistan.  For more info, please see my “Charities I Support” page.  

Welcome 9gag!

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Welcome 9gag! For the few of you who havent heard, the following was posted on 9g9g: Scooby’s chest looks like a woman in doggystyle Do I care that they find this funny? Of course not! Welcome 9gag! The way I figure it, for every hundred… Read More »Welcome 9gag!