Upper Pec Mass Builder

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Upper Pec Mass Builder In my opinion, incline dumbbell flys are the #1 best exercise for building pec mass.  For upper pec mass, the incline dumbbell fly and for lower pecs the flat dumbbell fly. The incline dumbbell fly is an exercise you can do at… Read More »Upper Pec Mass Builder

Intermediate Push Workout

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Intermediate Push Workout This is a complete intermediate bodybuilding workout for gaining muscle and getting stronger.  All you need is a used set of dumbbells and your carpeted floor.  This is the push workout day of my intermediate home workout plan.  My intermediate home workout… Read More »Intermediate Push Workout

Coping With Winter Funk

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Coping with Winter Funk It goes by a lot of names but the clinical one is S.A.D. (Seasonal Affect Disorder), I like to call it the “Winter Funk”. Some people love seasons, the winter, the cold weather, and snow, but not me. From my Facebook… Read More »Coping With Winter Funk

Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

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Thanksgiving Fitness Tips You can enjoy Thanksgiving without going overboard, here’s how!  With the bad weather of fall, many people are exercising less because they cant get outside and they eat more because of the holidays.  This bad combination of events leaves many 10-20 pounds… Read More »Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

Scorched Rotor Club

I have finally earned my rite of passage as an offroad cyclist, scorched brake rotors! My relatively high weight and the mountains of Patagonia were too much for these wimpy 160mm rotors. You can see how they are burnt on the spokes of the rotor… Read More »Scorched Rotor Club