Supersize Snacks – 1lb Snickers Bar

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Supersize Snacks The One Pound Snickers Bar

American Supersize Snacks

Whats wrong with a coke and a candy bar for a snack now and then?  After all, “Snickers satisfies”!  What could be a more American snack?  Vending machines everywhere are stocked with Snickers and other candy bars while offering virtually no healthy choices.  Obesity and its related diseases are skyrocketing, Snack sizes get bigger and bigger every year, and more and more gastric weight control surgeries are done every year.  See any relationships here?  

The latest development on the snack front?  The ONE POUND Snickers bar, that right, a full 16 ounces.  It used to be that 2 ounces was enough for a snack and now we apparently want eight times that amount to satisfy us.  A 12 ounce can used to satisfy us but now we need a 32 ounce big gulp.  Its really tempting to blame the companies offering these products but they are just giving their customers what they are asking for!  Whose fault is it, take a good look in the mirror, its OUR fault!

So whats the problem with splurging now and then?  Moderation, right?  OK, lets say your version of “moderation” is to have a double big gulp and a one pound snickers once a week.  What will that do? Lets add up the calories:

  • Snickers – 2070 calories
  • 32oz Coke – 373 calories
  • 2443 calories total.

If you added this “snack” just once a week to your normal diet you would gain 36 pounds fat in a year!

What is wrong with this world? People want bigger and bigger snacks, refuse to eat their vegetables, then get gastric bypass surgery to slim down.

Vegetables are the weight loss miracle product!

Supersize Snacks - The One Pound Snickers Bar And Double Big Gulp

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