Healthy Fast Food

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Healthy Fast Food

You know fast food is bad for you but when you are driving home starved after a long workday, McDonalds is tempting.  Here is a quick, healthy, and cheap alternative. Head on home and make “Sa-Mush” (Salmon Mush) which tastes WAY better than it sounds!  It tastes so good that you will think its fast food but its healthy and will help you gain muscle and lose body fat.  Its high in vitamins, fiber, omega-III fatty acids, protein, and a bit of complex carbs – a perfect meal in a pan. The  beauty of Sa-Mush is that all of the ingredients for it last weeks or months in the freezer so you can make it at any time even if you have not had time for that weekend grocery store trip.

Sa-Mush Ingredients:

  • 1-2 cups mixed frozen vegetables, you favorite blend.  Get organic if you can
  • 2 ounces (60g) smoked salmon
  • 4-6 egg whites, organic if you can

Healthy Fast Food Alternative Sa-Mush To help you decide on proper portion sizes, please use my calorie calculator.  With this meal you will find something amazing, it is SO filling because of all the fiber that you will be completely stuffed if you consume the number of calories that my calorie calculator specifies!  Its not often you can feel stuffed without feeling guilty but this is one time you can.  Heat smoked salmon and frozen veggies in a pan till hot then add egg whites.  Cook until done.  If you must, add a bit of shredded cheese. An awesome and healthy meal you can make quickly.  Omega-III fatty acids are very important for gaining muscle mass and most people dont get enough of them.  In my opinion, getting these critical fatty acids from fish is far superior to the pill form at the grocery store.  The frozen vegetables supply important vitamins in their natural state but also provide fiber that helps in fat loss because it causes you to feel full with fewer calories.  Not only that, the high fiber in this dish can help prevent colon cancer, one of the top five most common forms of cancer. Quick Healthy Recipe For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss