One Minute Max Power

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In doing HIIT interval training workouts like my live Superbowl Sunday Scoobervals workout, you need to know your one minute maximum power so you can most effectively do the workout. This procedure shows you how to find your one minute maximum power. The Scoobervals workout has you… Read More »One Minute Max Power

Mind Games For Mass Gain

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Bodybuilding is mental. To gain muscle, get stronger, and power thru plateaus requires mind games. Learn how to trick yourself into growth! Let’s Make a Deal Making deals with yourself is one of the most important mental tools in the bodybuilder’s toolbox of motivational tricks.… Read More »Mind Games For Mass Gain

Save Money And Lose Weight!

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Save Money And Lose Weight! TODAY’S FITNESS TIP: Instead of a $3 Starbucks sweet and creamy calorie-bomb, try plain unsweetened green tea! As many of you know, I always advise people trying to lose weight – dont drink your calories!  Hidden calories in coffee are… Read More »Save Money And Lose Weight!