How To Bench Press

How To Bench Press From the excellent postings at the AskScooby Forum by user Danny The Bench Press Disclaimer: This introduction to the bench press deals with general information about the lift, basic pointers regarding form and some neat links or videos. All pictures were… Read More »How To Bench Press

The GNC gullibility spell

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I personally know several otherwise very intelligent, college educated professionals who get their supplement advice from GNC. They are scientific and methodical every moment they are at work but something magical seems to happen when they walk thru those doors at GNC or other supplement… Read More »The GNC gullibility spell

How to stay motivated!

How to stay motivated! There is no substitute for making good fitness goals when it comes to staying motivated but often, that is not enough.  The “Don’t break the chain” technique is simple and effective for many people! It is often very overwhelming when you… Read More »How to stay motivated!